Jul 31 14

WassLove: July 2014


WassLove: July 2014


Welcome aboard the introductory post of my monthly summary WassLove: A Few of my Favorite Things. From jewelry to TV, gadgets and food, here I’ll be highlighting a few awesome things that made my month and could make yours too!


1. Ellie and Ollie Bangles ($38):

These bangles are just as cute as they sound, come in a variety of colors, and are all handmade. Check mate. They go with just about everything and I’ve been wearing them every day!


2. Orange is the New Black:

After @wasserman21 and I obsessively finished binge-watched both seasons, it was clear OITNB creates a serious addiction (see below). So the next logical step when faced with OITNB withdrawals was purchasing the book–the real deal. The book is great as well, and I continue to be surprised by the amount of similarities between Piper Kerman and Piper Chapman’s stories. Although, there are a few key, major differences. But most likely, OITNB the book won’t hold me off for long as we all struggle through the long hiatus until season 3.


OITNB Addiction

How I feel about OITNB. Image via tumblr.


3. A Key Lime Muffin from Harriette’s:

Everyone knows Key Lime Pie is all the rage in the Florida Keys, but have you ever heard of a key lime muffin? Harriette’s Key lime muffin is sour, gooey, and absolutely delicious. They say it’s “injected” with key lime. No lie. Five JK, two more until I get a free one, and trust me that is happening (I went back a 2nd time this month). Also, did I mention they have giant biscuits? YUM!


4. Google Chromecast ($35):

Meet wireless HDMI awesomeness. I just wish the outdated mini TV in my room had an HDMI port. For now, it’s stuck in the living room TV, but it still works like a charm! Google Chromecast will wirelessly “cast” content from a Chrome browser or any of it’s supported apps to your TV. It’s a small device with gigantic streaming capabilities.


5. The Grand Budapest Hotel:

This bizarre, off-beat, colorful story-within-a-story-within-a-story was everything I wanted and more. Voldemort just became one of my favorite actors. I went in knowing the movie would be quirky, but I found it to be hilariously blunt and brilliantly delivered–Like the old Pink Panther film’s goofiness meets a 1930s art historian in the middle of a color run. A must see.


6. This Darling, Little Dish from Tokyo:

Thank you @nwood1216! It’s the perfect place for when the daily arm candy comes off. I absolutely cherish this dish with it’s cute, hand-painted patterns.


Adorable Little Dish from Tokyo


7. theSkimm:

Just the other week I stumbled upon this sassy, worldly newsletter and my mornings have never been so informed! The Skimm’s motto goes as follows: “We read. You Skimm.” It’s like spark-notes for grown-up news and not only is it wildly entertaining, but it’s also chock-full of the latest important stuff you should probably know. C’mon get Skimm’d!


8. Thug Kitchen the Cookbook:

The day has finally come–well kinda. Thug Kitchen, everyone’s favorite vulgar cooking blog, has officially announced the release of the first, printed TK cookbook. The downside is they’re now accepting pre-orders with a projected release date for October. It’s a ways off, but hey we’ll m0tH@f#*K!Ng take it!


9. Broccoli Cheddar Quinoa Bites:

Speaking of cooking, I whipped up some of these babies just the other night. Kudos to you, Alida’s Kitchen. This recipe is the bomb!


10. Ice Cube Trays Gone Cray ($2):

It may not be Brooklyn Water Bagel, but these $2 trays from Target have stepped up my iced coffee game. So far, I’ve dabbled with frozen coffee cubes and frozen fruit cubes, but the possibilities here are endless. It’s a quick, cheap way to add some dazzle to your drink.


11. The Design of Everyday Things:

Flipping through my old notes from when I took a Mobile App Development class last Fall, among advice such as “Be a jerk” and “Don’t turn away work,” I had scribbled down the professor’s suggestion to “read The Design of Everyday Things (DOET).” Now, almost a year later, I’m picking up this book and I agree that anyone who calls themselves a designer of anything should definitely read DOET. It’s brimming with usability goodness.


Did any of these items spark your interest? Got any suggestions for next month? Comment below and stay tuned for WassLove August!

Jun 30 14

Welcome to Wass Sauce


The send-off has been delivered, the tassels have turned, I found myself a real job, and now almost two months later, post grad life is in full effect. I had been waiting and wanting to create my own personal website for a while now. It was always the big goal on the back-burner during senior year, but I never had the time or the resources. Until now!

So here it is: I pooled my graduation money, spent too many late-nighters, sketched, mocked up, and coded what is finally WASS SAUCE–my little piece of the internet.

This is just the beginning of what I hope to expand for years to come as outlet for design, illustration, freelancing, blogging, and overall digital artistic expression. So without further ado, here is my first attempt at creating the sauciest design site (and perhaps the strangest) this side of the internet has ever seen.


Welcome to Wass Sauce!